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Man vs Brews: Fat Tire Fever sweeps Florida

Man vs Brews: Fat Tire Fever sweeps Florida

New Belgium beers just became available for retail in the state of Florida July 29th. We have a full review of their line of beers along with a list of the cheapest places to find em'


Have you ever heard of New Belgium Brewery? No? What about Fat Tire? 

Most people who are into the craft beer scene know or have at least heard of New Belgium Brewery and their flagship Amber Ale, Fat Tire. If you haven't had anything by them or have never heard of New Belgium… That will change soon enough. 

Ranger IPA, 1554 Enlightened Black Ale, and the brewer's flagship beer, Fat Tire Amber Ale will all be available in FL among plenty of other seasonal beers. New Belgium beers just became available for retail in the state of Florida July 29th. New Belgium is the third largest craft brewer in the U.S., with only Boston Beer Co. (Samuel Adams) and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. selling more beer to Americans, a company spokesperson said. Overall, it's the seventh largest brewer in the U.S.

Fat tire comes in at a whopping 5.2% ABV. It pours a lovely amber that is similar to the tree sap that hardened over the mosquito in Jurassic Park… You know what I am talking about. Smells of yeast and bread and yields the taste of bread even more. Think biscuits with Belgian yeast. Do I have you yet? It’s a very drinkable beer on any given day and definitely a beer I’d drink when I was in the mood. Definitely not the crazy beer that everyone hyped it out to be but than again, I’m into extreme beers and this is nothing close to extreme.

Next was their IPA (Ranger), coming in at 6.5% and brewed with three individual hops (chinook, simcoe and cascade) it makes for a refreshing and surprisingly not overly hopped IPA. It has plenty of pine and citrus notes In the smell and a very clean malty crisp in the taste. As a stout, brown ale and porter fan (anything dark really) IPA’s are few and far between for me but this one does it’s job and would definitely warrant some attention from me.

Last but not least is their Trippel. With a 7.8% ABV and brewed with coriander this beer already seemed like a winner to me. There is definitely a lot of coriander on the nose and typical Belgian yeast. As I would expect with any great trippel, the taste is spicy yet smooth and makes for an interesting palette combination. The Trippel ended up being my absolute favorite out of the bunch.

New Belgium has stated that they plan on distribution of kegs for drafts in September or October.

All ABC stores in Florida are selling 22 oz bottles of their flagship beers at two for $5.00. Total wine has their bombers at $2.49 each. As of now it's available in 12oz Cans and 22oz Bottles. We've taken the liberty of calling around to the local craft beer bars for you and getting the prices of each, sorted by price... You're welcome. 


Shamrock Pub  $2.00 12oz / $4.25 22oz

Cock and Bull  $2.25 12oz / $4.25 22oz

Tavern on Main  $4.25 22oz

Mr. Beerys  $5.00 22oz or a Case of 22oz bottles for $38 (comes with 2 Fat Tire Pint Glasses)

Growlers  $5.00 22oz

Whiskey Barrell  $6.00 22oz 


So now you have no excuse but to go try some new (to the state of Florida) and delicious beer.



- James Herrholz is a professional videographer, photographer, Dave Grohl lookalike and Craft Beer Connoisseur.  



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